Welcome to our little picture abode on the internet.
Justis Photography specialises in headshot and portraiture photography.
With the advent of social media and having a professional presence on the internet we strive to provide striking headshots which not only make you look good but make you look serious about your online identity.
Using tried and tested equipment and processes we can do shoots faster with less cost to you. On the opposite end of the spectrum we are not scared to experiment to create a unique look which would get you noticed.
Our headshot photography services are generally bought by industry professionals, actors and business owners whilst our portraits offer a wide gamut of clients a striking new face on the wall. Families, job seekers and anyone with a social media account can get photos which make them look powerful.Located in St.Albans, Hertfordshire we can accomadate clients from London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.
Our photographic style
We put a lot of thought behind our photos. Light is light and sometimes we use natural light but mostly we love working with flashes. We have a style of shooting and prefer a natural smile rather than a forced pose.
Panorama by Justis Photography

We love the ocean... and give discounts if its a seaside location shoot, wink wink, nudge nudge

A little bit more about the photog (that's Photographer in Photography lingo...)
Justis Saayman
10+ years shooting a range of categories, from Wildlife in South Africa to Family portraits in England I have done it all. Being a graphic designer and marketing professional has helped me develop a keen eye for a great photograph and artistic composition.
I was also trained by the largest brands in photography thus little time is spent wasted on choosing the right tool for the right job.
At Justis Photography we primarily work with Canon, Manfrotto, Neewer, Elinchrom, Cactus and Lowepro products.
All editing done on fully licenced Adobe products.
Proud member of the following photographic societies and associations:
Our friends include:
Will Edgecombe - Art worker / Photographer - http://www.willedgecom.be/
Quentin Ferier - Photographer - http://www.ferierphotography.com/

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